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avatar-Richard Zampieri

Richard Zampieri

Creator of @expressots

Tech. Lead 📔 "True freedom blossoms in the realm of Open Source."

avatar-Daniel Boll

Daniel Boll

Core developer

Sorcerer Boll, code mystique, In Rust, C++, Typescript's streak. Open source magic he'll deploy, Coding realms, he'll skillfully toy.

avatar-Vitor Caminha

Vitor Caminha

Core developer

Passionate about Artificial Intelligence and Python. Falling in love with JavaScript and its wonderful technologies.

avatar-Ariel Betti

Ariel Betti

Core developer

🏆 World Champion of NASA Space Apps 🏅1º Maratona IBM Behind The Code. Aggressive software engineer.

avatar-Felipe Fontana

Felipe Fontana

Core developer

Lover of processes, always looking to improve people's lives through technology.

avatar-Juliano Soares

Juliano Soares

Core developer

💻 Researcher and student of artificial intelligence and machine learning

avatar-Aluisio Amorim

Aluisio Amorim

Core developer

Full-stack, for real. Opening magic boxes and turning them into science.

avatar-Pedro Vargas

Pedro Vargas

Product Manager

I am a creator, and I am passionate about translating ideas into actionable insights.


Alumni Team


This space is dedicated to acknowledging and thanking our past contributors.

avatar-Rodrigo da Hora

Rodrigo da Hora

Product Designer

Minha missão é continuar minha jornada profissional, explorando novos desafios e oportunidades para aprender, evoluir e alcançar resultados expressivos.

avatar-Daniel Gabriel

Daniel Gabriel

Frontend Developer

⚡️Front-end Developer⚡️- Specializing in front-end and a design lover | Mainly working with JavaScript, TypeScript and CSS.

avatar-Lucas Veiga

Lucas Veiga

Core developer

Front-end Developer. My passion is to be always evolving. "Always keep learning"